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About Tom

Tom Miller is a fierce advocate for Iowa who has committed his entire career to protecting the interests of everyday Iowans.

Attorney General Miller is the longest serving attorney general in the nation. During that time, he’s earned a reputation for integrity, high quality legal work, and a commitment to working for the everyday interests of ordinary Iowans.

From taking on Big Tech, to defending the Affordable Care Act, and creating one of the strongest consumer protection divisions in the country — Tom Miller has always been the people’s lawyer. 

Tom is running for reelection because he knows that Iowa must keep a strong independent voice in the Attorney General’s Office to protect Iowans from fraud, dangerous corporate overreach, and criminal offenders. There is more work to do — Join Us.

Tom Miller

Hold big tech companies accountable.

Early in Attorney General Miller’s career he worked to tame Microsoft’s monopoly. Now, he has his sights set on confronting the new challenges posed by today’s big tech firms, examining whether the companies have violated antitrust laws.

Defend consumers from fraud and abuse.

Attorney General Miller has led major multi-state investigations and settlements that resulted in millions of dollars in relief to Iowans — protecting them from improper debt collection practices, telemarketing fraud and abuse, and charity fraud.

Work for farmers across the state.

Attorney General Miller established the nation’s first-ever farm division in an attorney general’s office. Since then, the division has led the way in successful cases against agricultural chemical companies and has consistently defended farmers against big agricultural companies — both creating contract protections and ensuring fair compensation.

Combat tobacco addiction and disease.

Attorney General Miller is known for his longtime fight on behalf of kids and taxpayers with his campaign to reduce the enormous death toll and financial costs of tobacco addiction and disease. He has successfully taken on Big Tobacco, forcing them to pay billions in settlement money to multiple states, and is now working hard to reduce youth tobacco addiction.

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